Coolest Gadgets

Gadgets are invaluable little items that we all love to buy, even if we’re not sure how useful they will be. So what are the best home gadgets to consider?

Rechargeable vaccum cleaner

Every house has a vacuum cleaner, but a rechargeable vacuum cleaner is a useful addition. Usually much lighter and smaller than a normal cleaner, they are easier to store and much easier to use. Because they are so handy, it’s no problem to do a quick whiz round before guests arrive and they are invaluable to clean up the mess when small children are around. With no wires to fall over or sockets to search for, anyone can use it safely. The batteries have a surprising amount of charge and you can keep them topped up all the time, so there are simply no excuses for not having a spotless home.

Digital timer switch

Whenever you leave your house unoccupied, it’s easy for potential burglars to see when there’s no one in if all the lights are out. Traditional timer switches allowed you to set lights on and off but always at the same time, which wouldn’t fool any burglar. Digital timer switches are much more sophisticated and allow you to set random times to turn on whatever is plugged in, just like you would if you were at home. You can also set a variable time, so the lights go on up to thirty minutes around a set time. Of course you can use much more than lights: you can set a radio or TV to come on even when you are away. Even such a simple gadget can be enough to persuade a burglar to go elsewhere.

Rechargeable candle lights

These stylish lights look for all the world like flickering tea lights in cute little glass holders, but it’s all fake. These lights have no naked flame and are powered by rechargeable batteries. You turn them off and on by simply tipping them to one side and they come with a recharging base unit that looks good on any shelf. Available in different colours to suit your décor or your mood, they give you the ambiance of candlelight but without the worries. They also make ideal night lights that you can move around as you want. Who would ever go back to old candles?

Portable small clothes airer

Not all gadgets have to be expensive to be exceedingly useful. A small round clothes airer with attached pegs has got to be one of the most useful items in the home. It takes up only a small space and you can hang it from just about any hook indoors or outside. It is much easier to hang up loads of socks, underwear and other small items than with individual pegs and easier to move if it rains or is just in the way. It’s invaluable if you have small children as you can hang up most of their washing on one of these. It’s also handy for anything that needs to drip dry: simply hang it in the shower and leave to drip overnight.