Electronic Gadgets

Electronics and coolest gadgets go together so well that it’s hard to know what to buy. Everyone has their own choice of phones, cameras and music players but there are plenty of other ideas that can make ideal gifts for anyone.

Digital photo frame

Admittedly, you can always have your photos showing as a screen saver on your computer, but mostly digital photos are not displayed as much as they could be. A good way to get them into the rest of the house is to use a digital photo frame that can give a constantly changing display of your best shots, even with music. This is an ideal solution to share your photos with non-computer users without having to go to the bother of having prints and enlargements. They are also useful outside the home, such as at exhibitions or in a business setting where you may not want to site a computer but want a modern and eye-catching display.

Internet radio

Another gadget that escapes from the office is an internet radio. Using your wireless network, an internet radio can pick up a vast range of stations from around the world, giving you access to different cultures, languages and lifestyles. They are very easy to use, with automatic tuning, presets and informative displays. As well as internet radio, they also allow you to use the ‘listen again’ facility to catch up on missed programmes and often double as an FM radio too. There is nothing like fixing breakfast while listening to night time radio in New Zealand to make you realise how connected the world has become.

Electronic screw driver

Who needs a tool box full of screwdrivers when you can have only one? A rechargeable screw driver has loads of different ends to use, so you always have the right one for the job. Pressing a button to fix any screw takes all the hard work out of flat pack furniture or other DIY jobs so anyone can do it, not just macho types. With no wires to worry about, the power lasts long enough to get just about any job done, but can be recharged surprisingly quickly too. It’s also possible to get drill fittings too, saving you the bother of another trip to the garage.

Sat nav

Where would we be without the sat nav? Obviously lost. No other gadget has prevented so many arguments between couples about map reading and when to ask for directions. It is also simply invaluable when it comes to driving on your own in an unfamiliar place and trying to find a location. Admittedly, you have to use your common sense and not follow all instructions to the letter if you think they might not be right but that is a small price to pay for not being lost. There is no doubt the sat nav has increased safety with speed warnings and clear navigation instructions, as well as introducing the legendary phrase “you have arrived at your destination”.