Kitchen gadgets

Gadgets are those little things that make life fun: not the basic, everyday essentials but the slick, shiny toys that put a smile on your face. Often they only do one thing, but they do it simply and well, so you wonder how you could ever have lived without them. So what are the best kitchen gadgets to consider?

Bread maker

Top of the list has to be an automatic bread maker. Who can resist the smell of freshly baked bread as it wafts from the kitchen? Basic ingredients with minimal preparation are transformed into crusty, wholesome bread at the push of a button. With the addition of a timer facility, you can even wake up to the fantastic smell and have your loaf waiting for you for breakfast.

Panini press

Also on the bread theme, a panini press adds a touch of luxury to any snack. Any model with a floating hinge means you can pile your panini, ciabatta or bread roll with loads of extra fillings without squashing them flat. A few minutes later, you get a perfectly toasted and great tasting snack right there in your own kitchen.

Electronic pepper mill

Not every gadget has to be big or expensive: sometimes the little things matter too. An electric pepper mill delivers perfectly ground fresh black pepper at the touch of a button and looks very sophisticated. There’s even a built in light, so you can see exactly what you are doing even during a romantic, candlelit dinner for two.

Ceramic vegetable peeler

A ceramic vegetable peeler is another small but effective gadget that no cook should be without. The ceramic blade stays sharp and never rusts, while the blade swivels and tilts to make peeling a dream for both left and right handed people. Once you decide you have to eat your five-a-day, this is going to be really useful.

Hand held blender

For those who are less than perfect cooks, one invaluable tool is a handheld blender, also called a stick blender. The great thing with this gadget is that it can smooth the most lumpy sauce or custard into a thing of beauty in seconds, and so rescue disasters before you have to pour them onto the plate. It is also useful for pureeing just about anything like soups, or fruit smoothies by just immersing the blender into the pan or container and pressing the button. Just be careful that there is plenty of extra room in the container or you could splatter it all over both you and the kitchen.

Think before you buy

There are thousands of different kitchen gadgets you can buy, so make sure you think carefully before you splash out. Make sure it is something you will actually use more than once or it will just end up cluttering your kitchen cupboards, but it can be fun to try out new things and you never know what exciting little thing you might find.