You’d be hard pushed to find someone in the UK that doesn’t own a computer of some sort, whether it’s a desktop model, laptop or tablet. They allow us to surf the internet, play games, stay connected to colleagues, family and friends through email and social media like Facebook, and work on assignments and accounts even when we’re not at university or in the office.

However, you can’t ever be satisfied with just being able to do that. There are all manner of gadgets available from various manufacturers which are designed to increase the amount you can do with your computer and generally enhance the experience you have while using it. These range from webcams, which can be attached to your computer so anyone you’re connected to via Skype or a similar application can see you while you’re having your conversation, to external hard drives on which you can store music, video and document files when the internal storage of the laptop diminishes – you can then access those files whenever you want by connecting the hard drive to the computer and transferring them back across.

Still, one computer gadget that you should never be without is a good printer. Printing documents is a vital part of many procedures, including travel when tickets and boarding passes have to be printed prior to departure, and gigs and events which only offer the option of printing out your own ticket rather than sending it to you.

Investing in a good quality and consistently high-performing printer like the Epson Pro 7890 ink printer is a good idea then – even if you rarely use it, it’s a good idea to have it anyway, just in case. If you invest in a printer, you’ll also need to make sure that you have enough ink cartridges to be able to change them if you run out – there’s nothing more irritating than ink running out in the middle of a job!

The best gadgets for computers are usually found in stock at retailers like PC World that have been around for years and are trusted by consumers, but bargains can sometimes be found online or in smaller retailers – all you have to do is find them, and you can save a surprising amount on all manner of hardware that can enhance your computer experience.