The present age offers a huge plethora of gadgets that can help you out with almost everything. From washing your dishes to cleaning up your backyard in minutes, you have at least one gadget for every activity. However, the gadget world is not just restricted to mobiles, laptops, tablets and automatic dishwashers. There is a lot more to it. Have you heard about money shredding alarm clock or WiFi Laptop Bag? The article discusses some of the new electronic gadgets that seem to be out-of-the-box but surely need your attention.

Bluetooth Pillow Headset

For all those lazy ones who hate to get out of their bed, here is a perfect gift – a Bluetooth pillow headset. Sounds unique, isn't it? You can now enjoy more than 8 hours of hands-free calling. And guess what? The pillow also includes features like muting, redialing, volume control and a built-in camera. It uses a rechargeable battery with a stand-by time of 300 hours. So, if you hate talking on your phone while you are on your bed, you surely need a bluetooth pillow headset for yourself.

Digital Fridge Magnet

This combination of a digital photo frame and a fridge magnet was developed by a company named 'Thumsup'. It has a 2.4 inch LCD screen with a 320 x 240 resolution. With an internal memory of 32 MB, you can store up to 66 pictures. You will obviously have no problems with the picture quality. So, if you are looking for a perfect birthday gift for your wife, a digital fridge magnet will be a good option.

Money shredding alarm clock

'Time is Money'. You must have heard this phrase a million times. But, do you follow it? If not, here is something that will help you equate time with money. This alarm clock holds your banknotes. If you ignore the alarm, it starts shredding a note. So, you have a good reason to get up early in the morning, don't you?

All in one remote control

You wished you had a device that could control almost every gadget in your home, including your dishwasher. Now, that is not a dream anymore. You can now control your TV, fridge, music system, air conditioning system and your dishwasher with a single remote control. Logitech is a popular company known for manufacturing some of the best all-in-one remote controls. With technology advancing at the pace of light, you obviously have some good stuff waiting for you ahead. Don't be surprised if you come across a gadget that cooks your meals and a flexible data cabinet that allows you to move your server set-up wherever you want to. And of course, you may one day buy for yourself a car that safely drops you to office while you are in your backseat reading your newspaper.